Great Post Recommendation for Editors & Marketing Managers

I just read a very compelling post today.  It was so good, I had to stop what I was doing and share it.  Writer Patti Podnar discusses the important role editors and marketing managers have to play when it comes to developing stellar content and how to avoid some frustrations as well.

A couple of great points: Be forthcoming about your needs and don’t beat around the bush.  Yes, we writers, especially the new ones, can be a sensitive bunch.  Often this means editors and content managers trying to be too nice.  This often translates to being vague leaving the entire team frustrated.

As a content manager, have a plan, know what you need, and state those needs clearly.  Writers run the gamut, but when you find a talented, experienced and confident content creator, you can rest assured he/she will listen to your plans and take constructive criticism in stride.

The beauty of better up-front communications for your business is less time spent editing, revising and otherwise wasting time that can be better spent growing.

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