Where to Find “Hidden Gem” Writers For Your Business

Where to Find “Hidden Gem” Writers For Your Business

find writers for my businessDo you ever post a gig to a job board and get inundated with unrelated samples, replies in broken English and people who can’t follow basic directions?

Here are some frank truths.  Anyone can slap on the “writer” label and work as a freelancer.  Many of them have no real passion for writing and think it’s a quick way to make a few bucks generating generic regurgitated Google fodder for website content and blog posts.

These starving artist “writers” churn out streams of awful “5 dollar” content just to keep the lights on.  They have no interest in your success because you have no interest in theirs.  Harsh? Maybe, but honest.

If someone was only willing to give me five dollars for content, do you really think I’m going to do my best work and be grateful for that? Nope.  Would you?

Are you ready to stop wasting your time and find genuine, affordable talent?  Here’s how to find the hidden gems in your niche and stop wading through garbage to get the right content developers for your projects.

Here’s how to find the hidden gems in your niche and stop wading through garbage to get the right content developers for your projects.

Any old “writer” won’t do, trust me.  I say this as an experienced professional and hobbyist writer who has developed tons of content over the years – and then revised that content multiple times to keep up with current marketing trends and Google standards.

You get what you pay for.

Well written, informative evergreen content will pay for itself many times over.  Don’t think cheap and fast, think ROI.

Passionate, professional writers are not going to crank out 500-word blog posts for you at less than slave wages – sorry.  We spend time developing our writing and marketing skills and recognize our value.

Hidden Places to Find Great Writers 

Hidden gems are often found not on job boards, but in the real world.  Spend some time visiting blogs and niche sites.  Look for a writer who is engaging not only in their posts but in their comments.

Niche Blogs and Hobbyists

Look for related, but not identical websites to avoid direct competition.

Let’s say you own a dog grooming business, instead of looking up dog grooming blogs do a search for “blogs about Yorkies” or some other specific breed that requires regular grooming.

This search will yield blogs from passionate pet owners.  Their love and interest will come through in their writing – and that’s more important than perfect grammar, SEO titles etc.

You can get an editor or content manager to take care of that later or perhaps you’ll get lucky and find a Yorkie lover with a great eye for detail and SEO knowledge :).

Ask them how much they would charge you for an article or if they would be willing to guest post.  Not only are you likely to get amazing targeted content; it will be affordable.

Search Broad Interest Websites

Some of my best clients have found me through posts on websites like HubPages and their network of sites.  Yes, you can find a lot of crap there too, but you can also find some real gems and passionate writers.

There are several professional writers and bloggers who post content there to expand readership and earn residual income every month on material that doesn’t tie into their business or niche sites.  I earn a decent chunk of pocket money with evergreen content posted there and have enjoyed a few viral hits.

I earn a decent chunk of pocket-money with evergreen content posted there and have enjoyed a few viral hits also. My content there has generated millions of views and thousands of dollars.

I chose that platform to test different writing styles to see how readers engaged with it.

Those of us who went through and finished their apprenticeship program are well-versed in at least the basics of SEO and how to write natural, engaging content that is also Google friendly.

If you click a profile and see the apprenticeship alum tag; that’s a person who has been through some pretty intensive training on writing for the web.

You can also view comments at the bottom of articles and see how the authors are engaging with others.  Perhaps this is someone well suited to help you with social media and outreach also.  Use the “contact the author” feature and start a conversation.

Another Frank Truth About Content Development

If you are paying for substandard, adequate at best gigs at best, you’ll have minimal traffic and little growth.  At worst, you’ll have a negative response to your content that reflects poorly on your business and sends potential buyers to your competitors who do invest in solid content development.

What would you rather read? An engaging, knowledgeable piece of writing that answers your questions and solves a problem? Or pre-penguin and panda Google days generic sounding search engine fodder?  I bet your visitors feel the same.  Invest and give them the content you both deserve.


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