Writing Samples

I have extensive writing experience and can offer a variety of services catered to your specific needs.

I have ghostwritten Kindle books, developed content for numerous websites, written custom product descriptions, press releases and social media posts.

Client Websites I’ve Developed Content For

Niche Websites I Own

The websites below are ones I own and run myself. I have done all the work, including design, content and custom images.

Other Writing Samples

Below are links to other writing samples and their descriptions.

Farmhouse Phantoms: A short story I wrote and illustrated.

Journaling as a Tool for Recovery: This article was featured in the nationwide print publication Renew magazine. It is geared towards those in recovery and their families.

HubPages: You can see all my writing there by clicking on the sidebar widget.


You can view the feedback I received from clients previously on Elance (now Upwork) Elance: Christin Sander Work History

I had five star feedback.  I quit working there when they were taken over by UpWork, however my work history still remains there.  Here are just a few examples of feedback left for me by satisfied clients.

client testimonial for Christin Sander

testimonial by client for ChristinClient Testimonial Christin Sander